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Emerald May Birthstone

Emerald is the May Birthstone. For those who were born this month, it will be great to own a beautiful emerald. This gem carries a green color that is perfect for this season. Spring has arrived and with it the city wears beautiful colors… then, why don’t you wear one? Emeralds are rare gemstones and…


April Birthstone: Diamond!

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” Marilyn Monroe once said! But diamonds are more than that. Actually Diamond is the April birthstone. Some History: Well, there are some speculations that the birthstones date back from the bible times. At that time the High priest wore an amour that was decorated with 12 different stones. These…

Aquamarine Ring

March: Diamond Stores in NYC offer Aquamarine Jewelry

Aquamarine is March’s birthstone. This beautiful light blue color evokes the color of oceans .Aquamarine jewelry is so beautiful and versatile. Aquamarine‘s name comes from Latin and it represents the calm ocean. It also means aqua for water and marine for ocean. People believe that aquamarine protects people from conflict and litigation when they wear it. Nowadays, Aquamarine…