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August Birthstone

August Birthstone: Peridot an Exotic Gem

August birthstone is Peridot. This gem is well known since in the ancient times it offered protection again nightmares. Peridot also brings luck in having an amazing year full of opportunities. August birthstone provides power to the ones that wear the gem. It gives healing power. This stone also claims to help depression.
Peridot is the national gem of Egypt. This gorgeous gem was also known in old times as Chrysolite. Peridot are crystals found in volcanic ashes. Once people said the august birthstone were tears of the volcano.  Arizona is very popular for producing Peridot. China also has this beautiful gem.

Peridot August Birthstone

Peridot is also called the evening emerald for its intense green color. The August birthstone Peridot name comes from the French term “peritot” which means gold because the gem can vary also with yellow gold color. Peridot is also the 16th marriage anniversary stone.
Peridot gems bigger than 5 carats are very rare and hard to find. This stone comes in different colors from yellow to brown but the lime green is the most popular.  Peridot is a great gem to have in your jewelry collection. If you were born in August, it is a must gem to have. Peridot looks great in fashion jewelry pieces and it comes in beautiful tones.
If you are a lucky lady that is born in August, then go for a big rare Peridot gemstone. Get a 15Ct oval Peridot and set it in gold so you can get protected of nightmares. You can also wear your August birthstone fashion ring to catch other people’s attention. Peridot has to be in your jewelry box.

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