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Custom Made Engagement Ring Cost

Custom Made Engagement Ring Cost: Simple Tips To Get The Best Price

It is a common notion that custom-designed jewelry is a thing only the stars and celebrities can afford. But, the actual scenario is quite different and you will find that the world of options is available for the brides who really want a custom-designed wedding or engagement ring. In terms of shape, color, cut, and clarity of the diamonds, sky is the limit when you decide to customize your special ring. Custom made engagement ring cost also depends on these considerations.

Here is some info that would help you get the perfect custom made engagement ring:

Escape mediocrity by selecting the best jeweler

Experience always helps, and so it is better to seek recommendations from friends and relatives who have got customized wedding rings. This may be quite helpful to reach a trustworthy and good jeweler. You can also get GIA certified loose diamonds to create your own design for a completely unique ring. If you already own the diamond and want to get a more remarkable setting, then that is possible as well and that too in a short period of time.

Customized Engagement Ring Price

Begin early

Customization is a time taking process. The jeweler makes a sketch and creates a raw mold to allow the bride to review the design. Your jeweler should be happy to make revisions until you like the design fully, and the end product will be more flattering than you could have ever thought.

How much does a custom made engagement ring cost?

The 4 C’s cut, clarity, color and carat weight determine the price of diamonds and this forms the major chunk of your custom made engagement ring cost. Remember, cut refers only to the shape of the diamond’s proportions, its polish and symmetry- the factors which impart brilliance and sparkle to the diamond. For the most striking diamonds in your ring it is best to splurge money on the best cut diamonds.
One carat, one-and-a-half carats, two carats are considered as the “magic sizes” for an engagement or wedding ring. You can save on custom made engagement ring price by settling for a diamond that is slightly smaller than these sizes. For example, if you choose a 0.98 –carat diamond instead of a 1.01- carat diamond you can save approximately 20 %.

How to save more?

A custom made diamond ring that would satisfy you 100% won’t come cheap. If you buy the engagement ring and the wedding ring from the same jeweler, you can get a good bargain. Also, there is no point in beginning your search for a jeweler when you are already satisfied by one.
A Customized diamond ring can let a bride have a unique, one-of-a-kind ring which doesn’t have a second copy in the world. The design detail and the labor involved affect the price, but with some intelligent decisions you can save on custom made engagement ring cost.

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