Stackable Rings

Fashion Stackable Rings: Tips To Wear The Style

Wearing multiple rings on your fingers creates layering effect which is quite in vogue these days. Fashionistas seem to make a style statement effortlessly with fashion stackable rings on their fingers. Actually, there is no particular rule to go the “right” way. You are free to experiment and mix n’ match the rings the way you want and feel good about. Borrowing tips from a friend whose taste and style you particularly like can help add more zing and color to your ideas.
What one wears should reflect their personality and expression. That is exactly what style icons do. However, there is certain amount of thought that goes in. There are certain tricks they apply that help them attain a chic look. It is important to co-ordinate the fashion jewelry stackable rings for a clean look, but you shouldn’t match the rings too much. Rings that complement one another can be selected for a more stunning effect.
How much is too much or too less when you want to create the layering effect with rings? The idea is to create a focal point and you really don’t need to wear too many fashion stackable rings. It ultimately depends on you, but you can wear different number of rings in each finger. Take a look and see if you like the look or not. If you have a favorite ring that is bulky and you want to include it, you can wear it unaccompanied in one of the fingers and wear multiple rings in other fingers. This will definitely give layering a character.

Here is how you can pick up different types of fashion stackable rings:

  • You can choose one type of metal like gold, silver or rose gold and then look for varied textures. This is what some stylists believe. There are others who want you to be free in your selection and recommend stacking yellow gold, rose gold and silver together as layering allows you to blend different metals and create an exciting look every time. There is also an opportunity to reflect your individual style when you experiment with different metal colors and textures.
  • Both your hands don’t need to be a mirror image of one another. You can create a heavy or delicate look in one hand and just sport a single ring on your thumb on the other. Yes, you may simply leave the other fingers on your hand empty. You can also stack rings on alternate fingers.

Stack Ring Styles

  • Plain or textured rings are good and even look better when stacked with rings with a small crystal or a stone. Rings with ornate detailing, vintage or antic rings, gemstone rings with red, blue or yellow stones can help create a dramatic look.

Wear Stack Rings

  • You may not be a stylist, but you definitely possess your very own sense of style. So, bring it out. Keep trying combinations, until you really like and feel good about the fashion stackable rings.


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