Eternity Wedding Ring

How to Buy a Diamond Eternity Ring

Customarily, eternity rings are considered as anniversary gifts, but they make equally delightful gifts for birthday, holiday or to mark other important events of life. If you desire to buy an Eternity Ring, some useful tips will be helpful to make the right choice:
There are two popular styles- a band ornamented with gemstones and a ring with three stones that represent past, present and future. Diamonds have always been chosen to adorn eternity rings, but these days some other gemstones are also used.

What to know before buying a diamond band

So many times you must have heard about the 4 C’s of diamond. The C’s represent- cut, color, clarity and carat weight, and form the guiding principles for buying genuine diamonds. Before you visit a jeweler, you must research and learn well about each of these.
While you may decide to buy the shape you desire, you must know that the cut of a diamond does not represent its shape which most people think. Cut grades of the diamonds you select should range from excellent to good, as certain cuts can make a diamond appear bigger and brighter, and hence more remarkable. For a woman with classic tastes, diamond color grade between D to F are perfect, and also most valuable. But if the woman in question loves fancy diamonds, color grades beyond Z would be the best as these are very yellow and beautiful.
To buy the most sparkling diamonds, you must choose the ones with clarity falling between F and VSI. Beyond this, diamonds have larger inclusions or dark deposits. Carat which is the weight of a diamond may not always represent the size of the diamond. If you want to be sure about the size, you should request the size chart in millimeters. However, diamonds with special cuts and shapes may not be of the same size as reflected on the measurement charts provided by some websites.

Diamond Eternity Band

Ring metal

Eternity rings are meant to be the symbol of an everlasting relationship. Therefore, gold or silver plating should not be considered at all. Go for a gold ring plated with a metal from the platinum group for it will last for ages.
Palladium is an affordable alternative to platinum, if you can’t afford a platinum ring. Less expensive metals like iridium and rhodium are also from the platinum group but are better for plating. Attractive but cheaper and more durable options are titanium and Tungsten carbide which are stained with different colors and used for designer eternity rings with inlaid stones.
Finally, make sure you have the correct ring size of your wife as bands with designs or inlaid stones cannot be resized to great extent. So the answer to how to buy a diamond eternity ring is the above mentioned points that, if followed, could help you to select and buy the right choice.

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