Emerald May Birthstone

Emerald is the May Birthstone. For those who were born this month, it will be great to own a beautiful emerald.

This gem carries a green color that is perfect for this season. Spring has arrived and with it the city wears beautiful colors… then, why don’t you wear one?
Emeralds are rare gemstones and most of them come from Colombia, Afghanistan, Brazil and Zambia; the emeralds from Columbia are the most famous and desirable.
Emerald comes from the Greek word “ smaragdos” that means green.  The first emerald was found in Egypt about 330 years BC.
Emerald is a beryl mineral which also contains chromium. That is how it gets its green color.  Vanadium can be present in some emerald gems too.  Beryl is 7.5 to 8 in hardness on the Mosh Scale; most of the emeralds are classified as fragile because they are formed by beryl mineral.

Birthstone Infographic

Emeralds are graded using the 4C principles, but for this gemstone Color is the first criteria and clarity the second.
This green gemstone represents a rebirth.  It was the favorite gem of Queen Cleopatra in Egypt. Emerald and its green color evoke prosperity and it is the best gift for anyone that is born in May.
This Gem is a must stone to have for any woman. There are several styles of fine jewelry with emeralds such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.
Nowadays some engagement rings can be customized featuring any gemstone as a center stone. These kinds of rings are non-traditional engagement rings because they don’t feature a diamond.
The biggest green gemstone in the word is the “Bahia Emerald” This gem was found on Brazilian territory at the northeast part of the country, an area called Bahia. This huge rock weighed 840.00 pounds and contained about 180.00 carats of Emerald gem. This was the largest uncut natural gem of this type found in the world.

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