April Birthstone: Diamond!

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” Marilyn Monroe once said! But diamonds are more than that. Actually Diamond is the April birthstone.

Some History:

Well, there are some speculations that the birthstones date back from the bible times. At that time the High priest wore an amour that was decorated with 12 different stones. These stones provided luck, protection and other virtues to the priest. In addition the name “diamond” comes from the antique Greek “adamas” that means “unbreakable, Unalterable”. A little bit of history never hurt anybody!!!

A short Mineralogy class:

Diamonds are the strongest stones on earth. These beautiful stones come from about 140 to 190 Kilometers deep in the earth, and they are formed in high temperatures. Diamonds are stones that react in a beautiful way to compression. These stones took about 1 to 3 billions of years more or less to form. After volcanic eruptions and other natural disasters, diamonds have been moved closer to the surface of the earth.  This is only a brief introduction about diamonds. After diamonds are found, they  look  like a rough stone. Then you can start the selection and cut process.
There are a lot of articles about the 4Cs’ of Diamonds. That is why I won’t talk about Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat here.  I want to briefly explain general aspects of diamonds.

Interesting facts about diamonds:

  • Diamonds are the April Birthstone.
  • Diamonds are a clear gemstones; therefore, the less color they have the better the quality. The cut also affects the brilliance and fire of these amazing stones.
  • Real Natural Diamonds cut glass.
  • Diamonds are known as “The king of the Gems”
  • The biggest cut diamond is the “Star of Africa I”.  It is 530 carat
  • The second one is the “Star of Africa II”. It is a gorgeous 317 carat stone.
  • Today, man has created an artificial diamond in labs such as: Amora Gem, cubic zirconia cz, moissanite, etc.
Diamond -star-of-africa I

Star of Africa I

Spiritual Power:

Some people believe that diamonds have spiritual powers such as:  illumination, strength, unalterable power, and unbreakable forces as it represents its innate nature.  It can also be used to activate the chakras in our bodies which are each of the centers of spiritual power in the human being, and it also promotes visibility though the third eye on the spiritual level.   Now, we are getting deep! Lol!

Represent Luxury and Status:

Diamonds are luxury objects of desire. These gems represent status and luxury. Diamonds also represent wealth because they are precious stones. Diamond prices depend on the weight, cut and clarity. A high quality diamond weighing a carat will have a market price of roughly $7.000.


Synonym of Love and Commitment

Finally, Diamonds represent love and commitment because the well-known “engagement ring “features a diamond(s) on a metal band. Diamonds represent long term commitment because “diamonds are forever”, in addition to their value and unbreakable attributes. They represent an unbreakable and unalterable relationship.


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