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Top 5 Silly questions jewelers get asked.

What’s the biggest sized finger you’ve ever come across?

Well, in my own experience as a jeweler  working in  the diamond district for the past decade, the largest finger I’ve measured to date was a size 13 and a half. Yep, a 13 and a half; being a size 6 and a half myself I’d consider that to be quite substantial.

What’s the smallest sized finger you’ve come across?

Technically, For a jeweler this question can be understood in two ways. “Smallest” as in youngest customer we’ve had, or “smallest” as pertaining to an actual adult. Let’s answer the later cause that’s just more interesting. The smallest finger I’ve ever measured was the finger of 30+ year old young lady coming in at a whooping size 2 and quarter. That’s right, a fully grown women with a finger thinner than my pinky.

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Have you ever been robbed?

Why? Are you thinking about it? SECURITY!!!

What’s the best sale you’ve ever made?

Well, that’s not really a silly question. That’s actually a really good question. I was actually asked the same question at a formal party with a few jewelers’ friends in my presence. One big shot shoots out, “my biggest was $60K”, another one belts out “mine was $75k”, and then another laughs and says, “mine was $250K”.  All the other people in the room were floored. Then they peered over in my direction and asked…”and you?” I looked around at my peers, raised my eyebrows, shrugged my shoulders and let it just roll off my thong… “My best was $43.55!”. The imitate reaction was straight out laughter, but that soon subsided when they all looked at me and saw that I was totally serious. So they were all like, “wait wait wait, we’re all gushing about jewelry sales in the 10s to 100s of thousands and you roll up with a number like that?!? Are you for real??” So I told the story of how this really nice little old lady came in one day for a jewelry repair. It’s wasn’t anything difficult or complicated so I did it gladly. Turns out she had two sons who love to buy really nice jewelry for their wives. And they had friends too, whom spoke very highly of us to. And low and behold, my little $43.55 sale turned into a slew of high ticket items…so technically that was my biggest and best jewelry sale.

And the number one silliest question to ask your jeweler is…

Is that too big?

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