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How to Buy the Perfect Diamond for Your Engagement Ring?

When buying the perfect diamond for your engagement ring, you have to keep in mind the cut, color, Clarity and Carat of the diamond.

The most  important characteristic for a diamond is the cut. We are not talking about the shape like many people think. Here we are referring to the actual distribution of the facets. The cut of the Diamond will affect the spark of the gem. A poor cut will result in a diamond with a poor spark. In addition, the diamond cut determines the symmetry of facets in the stone.

Perfect Diamond Cut

The color  is also important for when you are shopping for a perfect diamond. Actually color refers to the quality of a diamond. The higher the absences of any color the better the quality. GIA has a color scale system that goes from D to Z, D being the standard for international color grading. Color is one of the 4Cs of the Diamond attributes.


Diamond color

Clarity is another important factor when you are choosing a perfect diamond for your engagement ring. Diamonds come from the earth and they have internal and external imperfections. The internal imperfections are called” inclusions” and the externals are called “blemishes”. Clarity grading involves evaluating these inclusions and blemishes in the stone. The lower the visibility of these birthmarks the higher the value of the gem becomes.  A diamond with no inclusions or blemishes is classified as Flawless…what else?

Diamond clarity


As we arrive to our conclusion of all that we said about the 4C’s Diamonds , you still need to be aware before you buy what you think to be the perfect diamond. Also, you need to clarify your priorities; for example, maybe for you it is more important the carat (size) than an ideal cut (spark). Then a big size diamond will be perfect for you. Maybe for others, it is more important the cut and clarity, and they are able to sacrifice the size. Then there are still those of whom small diamond with a great cut will be the perfect diamond.

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