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Eternity Band…The Classic Diamond Ring.

Couples are fascinated to eternity bands and it is often the first choice of many couples for their wedding or engagement rings. The choice is usually because of the symbolism attached to the eternity style bands. For practical purposes though eternity half bands are considered a better option. Undoubtedly, eternity bands are more charming because of their sparkle. But, is it possible to lead an active life and take to the daily tasks when you have an eternity band on your fingers? Perhaps not! Let’s check out the reasons why half eternity bands can be a better selection.

Money Matters

Eternity bands have more diamonds and that is why they cost a fortune. There is no other special quality attached to eternity bands. Truth be told, the flaunt factor of an eternity band is limited to the diamonds on the front. The diamonds on the side of your palm remain hidden unless you take pains to turn your palm and show it off to the world. There is very little chance that the diamonds on the sides and the other side of the ring come to the notice of those who don’t know you are actually in wearing an eternity ring. If you realize this you will save yourself a lot of money which can come handy for managing your wedding expenses. Perhaps, you will be able to splurge a little more on your wedding.

Eternity Band Rings

Size concerns

The biggest problem with diamond eternity bands is the size. Through the years, women pass different phases of their lives. They may put on weight or lose some with age and this when the problem will arise. Eternity bands cannot be resized even f you have a custom made eternity band. Should you need to increase its diameter, you will have to add diamonds and the precious metal which can cost you a lot of money and if the ring needs to be sized down you will lose one or more diamonds.
Moreover, it would be hard to find a jeweler who will want to meddle with the ring, for there will be a chance of messing up the intricate settings of the diamonds. Resizing an eternity ring is difficult and expensive and sometimes impossible. So, all you can do is keep it in the safe deposit if ever it stops fitting you properly.
The half eternity band poses no such problems. You can get rid of the ring metal in case you want to reduce the size or just add a bit more of the base metal to add to the ring size. And that is all! Any jeweler can do it for you without any difficulty.

The Eternity Band


Wear and tear

Diamonds on the palm side or the bottom half of the diamond eternity rings are exposed to a great deal of wear and tear. Even if you are not involved with household chores, you cannot avoid things like turning the door knob, opening bottles using keys or anything else that bring the diamonds in contact with the hard surface. Known as the hardest material on earth, diamonds are still very delicate as they tend to chip when pressure is applied at cleavage planes and certain angles. Half eternity bands save you from this as there are no diamonds on the downside of the ring. Any jeweler you can trust can easily mend a half eternity band.

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