3 Stone Engagement Rings for Her

3 Stone Engagement Rings

Not everyone is lucky enough to find that ‘perfect one’ without whom life seems incomplete. And when you do, you want to seal the relationship with an engagement ring. But just any type of ring won’t do if you have had a long and fulfilling relationship and your present moments are no less than bliss, and you look forward to an equally delightful future. Past Present Future Ring encapsulates the story of your journey together and the love that overcomes all the negatives, the joy of present and the promise of togetherness in the future.
Several couples are still wary of giving up the convention, but there are increasing number of couples who want to try different options that symbolize their beautiful relationship. A past present future engagement ring perfectly fulfills this part, and that is why most new couples are falling for this type of ring that signifies ‘past’, ‘present’ and ‘future’ in the most stunning way.

3 Stone Diamond Ring

An allegory of the journey of love

3 stone diamond ring with its three stones signifies the three phases of your life together. The bigger one of the three stones mark your present, while the other two smaller stones indicate the past and the future. Quite different from the solitaire rings, Past Present Future Ring also reflects friendship, love and fidelity. Encapsulating the three periods of a relationship, these rings are also called Trilogy or Trinity rings. If you don’t want just another expensive rock that gleams and glitters on your finger, but has a more profound meaning to it, three stone diamond ring is just for you.

The different types

Among the popular styles of 3 stone engagement  rings, couples tend to choose from equally sized, graduated and slightly graduated variants. Equally sized rings have all the three stones of equal carat weight. The traditional graduated ring has a center diamond which equals the combined carat weight of the two adjacent stones. Some people prefer lesser graduation where the difference between the carat weight of the center stone and the two side stones may not be too striking.

Past Present and Future Ring

Make it gorgeous with choice of stones

Some people are romantic and emotional than others. A past present future ring is perfect as it beautifully relates how inseparable you have been as a couple and how much you wish to be the same in the future. To give a deeper meaning to your choice you can include other stones like sapphire or zircon as side stones along with diamond as the center stone. You can also choose different colors that signify friendship, love and trust. This will not only impress your partner but you will be also to come up with a truly exquisite engagement ring.
If you are on a tight budget, this idea will help you to get a stunning ring at much lower cost. However, don’t forget to keep your soul mate’s style and preference in mind before you decide on a past present future ring.


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