GIA Diamond

GIA Diamond… All you Need to know

GIA diamond buyers are always the winners because they receive the true worth of their money in the form of diamonds. As a customer you may come across grading such as ‘similar to GIA’ or ‘equivalent to GIA’ which may be used to sell sub-standard diamonds to unsuspecting customers. So, it is best to armor yourself with caution and settle for nothing less than the actual GIA standards.
The GIA grading is considered the most dependable and free of biases. It eliminates ambiguity and brings in clarity that helps you to learn the exact price of a diamond.  By mentioning the grading details of a diamond that bears GIA certificate, you can learn the price of GIA Certified Diamonds just by a phone call. You can then approach a jeweler of repute who has the best workmanship and can offer guarantee on what they sell you.
When you visit the market to buy a GIA diamond, you can get thoroughly confused. While you should completely avoid jewelers who tell you the grading of their diamonds is similar to GIA, some may try to affect your choice by saying GIA certified diamonds are more expensive. But, in reality it costs merely $98 to get 1 carat diamond certified from GIA. Other jewelers may tell you they can get the diamond certified from GIA after you purchase it.

GIA Certified Diamond

Certain sellers may claim that their diamonds are GIA certified but that may not be the entire truth. They may have someone who has graduated from a GIA grading course. Just check the certificate for the New York and Carlsbad laboratory addresses as GIA certificates are issued only from the two addresses. The same will be mentioned right at the top of the certificate.
Buyers may not always find GIA diamonds if they are looking for stones which are priced below $1000 and weigh below half a carat. Also, diamonds with poor clarity that is inferior to S12 and colors lower than it may not have GIA certificates. If you are looking to buy only GIA certified diamond rings, you should make queries as exceptions can never be ruled out.
Every little factor that affects the quality and intrinsic value of the GIA loose diamonds NYC are explained to precision. The buyer is also confident of selling the right product that truly fits customer’s expectations. There is no chance of buying an inferior diamond which has been mended to look all perfection. This means diamonds with surface cracks will not be certified by GIA.
Manmade diamonds don’t bear GIA’s certificate of grading. An ordinary jeweler can’t tell between diamonds that have been extracted from mines and a manmade diamond, but if the diamond has a GIA certificate, it is 100% natural. And last but not the least don’t get bogged down by a glittering showroom and the sweet words of the salesman because all you are interested in is the certificate and the money you have to spend. Never forget to cross-verify that the diamond you purchase matches with the GIA certificate that comes with GIA diamond.

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