Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Why Rose Gold Engagement Rings Are So Popular Now

Rose Gold Engagement Rings are high on popularity when it comes to selecting the metal for engagement rings. Women are drooling over engagement rings 18kt rose gold. This love for rose gold however has been building slowly and steadily for some time. The jewelry industry has tried immensely to bring back the attraction for yellow gold, but had little effect. White gold has also managed to keep its levels of demand on the higher side, and is also the most ‘in demand’ metal as one can see most of the popular engagement rings in it.
This shift from convention is not going to change anytime soon. While, white gold is preferred most because of its ability to go well with any type of gemstone and also complement a modern woman’s appearance,  rose gold is winning hearts because of its subtle beauty and elegant charm and women love the beautiful tone of rose gold on their engagement rings.

Rose Gold Engagement Ring Look

Rose Gold Rings

Many women would tell you to have a look at pink gold rings, if you still haven’t laid your eyes on it. Rose gold looks exquisite and charming with a coppery tone and one can easily say it is the most attractive of metal alloy that exist.
If you wonder how rose gold is different form pure gold, you find your answer here. Rose gold is an alloy which has 75% of gold, 21% copper and 4% silver. However, one can find this composition varying from jeweler to jeweler, but more or less it remains the same.
Undoubtedly, it is beautiful and exquisite and is one of the loveliest options which one can have for their engagement ring. There are several reasons why rose gold engagement rings are so much in demand.
Uncommon– Rose gold may not be rare but it is definitely uncommon. People who want to move from convention or really care for beauty opt for Rose Gold Engagement Rings. Despite the rising demand for white metals, there is continuous demand for this alloy from new age women.
Mesmerizing pink tone– While gold glitters, white metals are cool and elegant, rose gold has natural warmth. There is a natural pink hue to this alloy which is imparted by the presence of copper in it. The combination of gold, copper, silver offers it such exquisite tone that it can be easily considered the most beautiful among the expensive metal alloys.
Goes with less expensive gemstones– The tone of the alloy is such that it allows you to settle for less expensive gemstones like brown diamond. Even though it beautifully complements white diamonds, a diamond in deeper shade of brown combines extremely well. The cost of the engagement rings rose gold is also reduced manifold while the look achieved is mind blowing.
Versatile and valuable-Rose gold combines very well with platinum as well as white and yellow gold. Even though it is cheaper than gold but it has specific inherent value which is consistent with 18 ct gold.
Last but not the least, rose gold exudes feminine charm. Pink is a feminine color and the warmth of rose gold really helps in adding a great deal to a woman’s own charm when she dons Rose Gold Engagement Rings.



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