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September birthstone

September’s Birthstone: Blue Sapphire the Virgo Stone

September’s birthstone is blue sapphire. People born in the ninth month of the year are Virgo, and they can use the gorgeous blue sapphire stone.  This amazing stone symbolizes heaven in the medieval days. The history behind it is that clergy wore the blue rock to bring heaven close to them. On the other hand, the regular people back then in the medieval times believed that using blue sapphires could bring blessings to their life.
Blue Sapphire is found in different tones from light to dark blue colors. The most expensive ones are the ones that have medium to dark blue colors which are sometimes close to the violet color.
Sapphire is a gemstone variety of corundum. This stone as I said before is found in different blue tones but it can also occur in a variety of rainbow colors that come from yellow, pink, green etc. The colors of sapphires are known as fancy sapphires.
Natural sapphires are used for jewelry; this stone is remarkably hard. Sapphire is the third hardest stone after diamond. It is 9 on the Mosh Scale.
Besides being September’s birthstone, sapphire also is the 5th and 45th wedding anniversary gem.
In addition to the blue and fancy colors, the star sapphire stands out. A star sapphire is another type of sapphire that has inclusions that looks like six rayed and gives it the appearance of a star.

Blue Sapphire September Birthstone

The largest blue star sapphire is The Star Adam. It weighs 1404.49 carats. This gem was founded in Sri Lanka. It is worth about $100 Millions but can be sold for $175 million in an auction.
If your love one’s birthday is in September, I will highly recommend you to get her a piece of sapphire jewelry. If you are thinking to get engaged with a Virgo woman, you could surprise her with a royal engagement ring that features a sapphire center stone. This kind of ring is called royal because royalty like Princess Kate Middleton got an 18Kt Ceylon Sapphire that used to be owned by Diana De Gales as her engagement ring.

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