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June Birthstone Collage.

June Birthstones: Pearl, Alexandrite and Moonstone.

The June birthstones are : Pearl, Alexandrite and Moonstone.

We welcome June and its warm weather for people that live in New York. June is one of my favorite months because it divides the year into two and New Yorkers can enjoy the good weather. June is also special because it gives more options to the jeweler lovers. The ones that were born in June can choose between the three gems or get a custom made piece of jewelry with the three June birthstones.


June Birthstones



Now let’s go over these tree gems to learn about what they are:


They have been one of the favorites of the Romans. These beautiful gems come from the ocean. They are formed inside a shell which makes them unique.  Today, we can find a lot of cultured pearls. This practice started in 1920’s, and the production delivers high quality pearls.


This gem was discovered in the 1800’s in Russia. This rare gem possesses the quality of change since its color changes depending on the light. It can go from green tones when it is exposed to day light and to red when it is under radiant light. It is very common to find synthetic version of this rare stone due to its chameleonic- like attributes. The synthetic gemstone looks the same as the natural alexandrite and it has the same chemical and physical properties.


The last June Birthstone is called “Moonstone “because Plini a Roman Natural Historian assured that the gem changes appearance as the phases of the moon changes.  This gem is magnificent because it can show an eye cat or a multi ray shine. This is due to the “adularescence” phenomena of floating light.
Well, this is some relevant information about these three gorgeous June birthstones. I think everybody should own their own jewelry featuring their birthstone. I was born in September and my birthstone is blue sapphire. Actually, my engagement ring features a blue sapphire center stone with halo diamonds.
The lucky ones born in June can enjoy these three gemstones: Pearl, Alexandrite and Moonstone.
If I was born in June, I will actually get a customized ring with the three gems together as part of my identity.  Then, if you were born in June don’t wait anymore. You need to visit The Diamond District in NYC and browse for your own unique June birthstone jewelry. Maybe you can find something in stock in any of the 47th Street jewelry stores. Furthermore, if I were you, I would definitely order my own custom made jewelry design. I will pick the metal and my favorite gem from the three June Birthstones, or why not get all three of them!


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