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Best Jewelry Stores in NYC

Best Jewelry Stores in NYC- The Preferred Destination for the Prettiest Diamonds:

Are you a woman in love with diamonds? Diamonds are precious, timeless and unique, and most women prefer diamonds over any other gem stone. So, if you admire diamonds the most, give up your guilt and simply indulge. Whether it is a diamond ring, a pendant, bracelet, necklace or any other piece of jewelry, you deserve the very best and the perfect diamonds. For its beauty and charm diamond jewelry is something to be proud of and show to the whole world.  Its splendor is endless and it also makes a great addition to heirloom jewelry. Best jewelry stores in NYC allow you to find the loveliest pieces with variety of diamond shapes and settings.
To make a great purchase in New York’s diamond district, it is never a bad idea to learn more. Diamond shapes and settings form an important part of jewelry. If you don’t know much, read on to learn:

Here are the different Diamond Shapes available in all the best jewelry stores in NYC:


Want something which will never lose its appeal with time? Then round diamonds will fit your bill. This diamond shape is classic and never loses its charm with time. Jewelry stores in NYC have the most wonderful and elegant round diamond collections.


This is a square diamond and quite trendy. Many celebrities have this type of diamond on their engagement rings. You can find plenty of options at best jewelry stores in NYC.



This shape is also preferred for an engagement ring as it reflects color brilliantly.

Best Diamond Jewelry in Diamond District


An oval shaped diamond can be perfect for those who like round shaped diamonds, but want something more unique for their engagement ring. This shape looks a bit elongated and creates the illusion of a bigger size.
Now that you know about the various diamond shapes, you must pay some attention to the different types of settings.  If you visit a reliable and best place to buy jewelry, you will be able to find jewelry with every type of setting.

If you wish to buy a diamond ring, here are the settings to look for at jewelry in NYC:

Tiffany Setting

This setting was created by the company Tiffany and its name is used to indicate this setting. It is preferred and it is never out of fashion.

Bezel Setting

Women who lead an active life prefer this type of setting because the rim of the metal covers its sides, sometimes fully and sometimes halfway. This setting protects the diamond and holds it securely.

Channel Setting

A number of diamonds are held in a channel in a row. This type of setting is sometimes used to add prominence to a diamond set on a prong.


Diamonds are set closely throughout the band.


It creates a brilliant and exquisite look with lots of tiny diamonds set in tight.
Having knowledge will be fruitful when you are able to locate a reliable master jeweler. A visit to the Diamond District in New York will make your job easy.
You will be able to find every type of diamond jewelry of variety and styles easily at the best jewelry stores in NYC.

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