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diamond engagement ring settings only

Right Selection of Diamond Engagement Ring Settings Only For Desirable Design:

How your engagement ring will look depends on its mounting as it affects the design to a great extent, and so the engagement ring settings only should be chosen carefully. Diamonds are everlasting and don’t lose their glamour even after years, so to look for a diamond engagement ring settings only that will last through the years. The setting and mounting are the two important aspects of a ring and form part of the overall design. This also helps maintain the diamond’s long lasting charm and elegance.

What are ring settings only?

Diamond settings can mean different things for different people. Sometimes, jewelers might refer the entire ring as the setting when you have chosen the ring to which a diamond has to be set into.
In actual terms, a ring comprises of the shank or the body and the head also called the gallery which holds the diamond in its place. The setting not only protects the diamond but also accentuates the look and appeal of the diamond. Let’s get to know some primary aspects of some popular diamond engagement ring settings only:

Prong setting

This setting is the most popular setting for diamond rings and is therefore very common. Its capable of holding any size of diamond, the claw like projections in this setting holds the diamond in place securely. They are quite suited to hold a central stone of a large size.
Prong settings can be different for different types of diamond shapes. For round diamonds one can find for two sets prongs holding the diamond upward. The stone comes to full view when a four prong setting is used and when also used for princess-cut. This setting can take a V shape to secure the sharp angular corners.


This setting is perfect for a diamond ring as it projects the diamond free from metallic shield allowing dispersal of light easily, displaying rainbow colors to view which makes the diamonds so exquisite and unique.


There is a need to check regularly if the prongs are tight enough to keep the diamond securely in place. Prongs are safe, especially when platinum is used, but still some people like the diamond set encased in metal. This can be more for people who do a lot of work with their hands as the prong setting can loosen or scratch, damaging the diamond or exposing it to the risk of losing it.

Halo Setting

Halo setting protects the center stone of the ring under a rim which is decorated with pavé, channel-set or invisible set diamonds. This setting can be square or rounded off along the sides.

halo engagement ring settings only



It keeps the diamond secure like a prong setting and the multiple diamonds in it create a charm that can entice everyone. The center diamond is safer with the diamond-encrusted collar covering it from all sides. This setting also makes the center diamond look bigger.


Many times the smaller diamonds along the circumference of the center diamond can get loose.

Channel setting

Diamonds are set in a row in tight closeness in a ring where each diamond is held by individual set that is cut into the sides of the channel. This setting is used for creating wedding bands or holding the side stones used to accentuate the central diamond.


When done with professional expertise, each diamond in this setting is locked safely in each set and so the diamonds are well protected. It is a convenient choice for women with busy lifestyles.


With multiple diamonds and gemstones and the use of metal, the cost of the ring is multiplied. Also, it requires master craftsmanship which also adds to its cost.

Invisible Setting

Square or princess cut diamonds are set beside one another to create a dazzling surface of diamond. There are special channels that cut through the diamonds from underneath so that they can be set in a grid. With diamonds set in an even level with the surrounding metal, it creates an illusion as though they are held by nothing.


It is used in contemporary designs and makes a diamond look bigger. Unique designs can be achieved with this setting.


It is expensive and the diamonds can become loose and fall from the setting. In case of damage you have to spend a great deal in jewelry repair. It is advisable to go for this type of setting only from a very reliable jeweler.
Diamond engagement ring settings only which has been chosen carefully can multiply the beauty of any diamond several times. Engagement ring mountings are decided according to the shape, size and appearance of the diamond. It can make your engagement ring look spectacular. You can create your very own ring that you can cherish for your entire life with some exceptional handcrafted mountings paired with suitable diamonds.

Why you would need ring mounts only?

If you already have a diamond or gemstone that you would want to set in a ring, buying ring mountings will help you. If you have been wearing a ring for a long time with the design mountings for rings, you can help you get a brand new design. Rings which are inherited may not have an alluring design but may have the most priced diamonds. One can get the desired style with the help of a new ring mounting.
If you decide to go for a mounting seller, you can get a mounting with hallmark. This will ensure the purity of the metal you decide to go for.

Engagement Ring Mount

How you can purchase the perfect ring setting?

In order to make the right engagement settings only, you can go through various catalogues available online as well as in physical stores. You can also find some fine deigns for engagement rings without center stone which are also quite fascinating. You have to decide on the metal depending on your preference. You can go for yellow gold as it is conventional and safe, but if you want to go for the latest trends: platinum or white gold are the best options. Rose gold is also becoming a trendy for many women who love vintage styles.
You have to mention your finger size and the dimensions of your stone. If you have a diamond certificate, it will be included in the grading report.
With the help of this information, you will be able to get the exact quote for your desirable diamond engagement ring settings only.

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