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White Gold vs Platinum Engagement Ring

Working the jewelry business for a little over a decade gives me the ability to say in good authority that in most cases I would recommend white gold over platinum.
Don’t bite my head off.
I know I know, that’s the exact opposite of what every other jeweler has told you. But then again, I’m not every other jewelry.
I make my point based on experience, not a commission based salary.
From the over thousands engagement ring I’ve sold in the time I’ve been in the business I can say that out of 100% of the platinum engagement ring I’ve sold about 30% of them come back with issues. Issues like little diamonds falling out or prongs shifting, to even the whole ring just bending out of shape.
Platinum settings only
Now, this isn’t to say that the same issues don’t happen in white gold. Just at a much smaller rate. From the 100% of white gold ring that I’ve sold I’d say 8% come back with similar issues. So that’s to say that out of 800 engagement rings sold, out of every 100 there would be 1 with a similar issue to the platinum. Where as the same amount of rings sold in platinum would total to a total of 240. That’s a whopping 240 vs 8.
The math is easy…unlike common core…pun intended.
That’s not to say that I wouldn’t recommend a platinum engagement. To the contrary, it really depends on the style you prefer. If you’re looking for a solitaire or three stone engagement rings, then I’d say platinum is definitely the way to go. But if for example, you want a ring with a lot of intracy and or little small diamond accent stones I’d recommend a white gold setting.

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