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47th Street Diamond District

Shopping on 47th Street Diamond District

Shopping on 47th Street in Midtown NY can be very challenging because maybe you don’t have a family jeweler or unfamiliar with the territory.  I would recommend do some research online, and ask friends and family to get some referrals before you come to NYC to shop for jewelry.
You can also come and visit us. We are a reputable jewelry store in the Diamond District.
I.D. Jewelry is located on 47th Street Diamond District. We are a family-owned and operated jewelry store established in 1986. In addition, we are one of the Best Jewelry Stores in NYC.

47th street

For over 24 years, I.D. Jewelry has strived to create a high satisfactory rating in which every customer is felt esteemed, prized and accredited. By maintaining integrity, reliability and perseverance, we have successfully compiled an elite group of employees and consumer relationships who are committed and enthusiastic.  We are well recognized on 47th Street Diamond District .We are fully stocked with a vast in-house inventory which includes a wide range of the optimum exclusive diamond trinkets; or we can create your own designed jewelry matching the consumer’s budget and taste.
We offer the best services possible to our current and new customers. ID Jewelry proudly serves hundreds of clients a week in our location while others browse our huge inventory online. Upon request, our in-house team that includes a professional photographer, and a design team that gladly emails the pictures of any admired piece(s).  This will help to visualize the item(s) of interest by our clientele.
We are leaders in the diamond industry. Each and every shape is hand-picked by professionals who provide valuable information about the characteristics, including the color, cut, clarity and carat weight.


Why US?


  1. More than 30 years of experience in the industry.
  2. Trustworthy, Customer-oriented.
  3. Our commitment to excellence.
  4. Jewelry that fits your lifestyle.
  5. Making a standout addition to your collection.
  6. In-house inventory of diamond jewelry & loose diamonds.
  7. In- house Diamond Experts to answer any question any time




We are focused in providing one of our masterpieces created just for you. Just imagine how you want to have your ring, and discuss it with us to be able to create it for you. Our collection of jewelry will perfectly add a finishing touch to your outfit or apparel by assuring a put-together look. We are also very versatile, and make sure that it works perfectly with your attire. We specialize in diamond eternity bands, customized engagement rings, and fine diamond jewelry which is custom made. We also offer designer collection, engagement rings settings, and loose diamonds.
In order to view our new arrivals, you can also visit our website which is www.idjewelry.com and in person visit our store on 15W 47th Street  Diamond District. You can read more about us in third party review sites such as: Yelp. Also learn more about us in our social media pages such as:  Instagram, Google+, Facebook, etc.


Our exceptional service and on-time delivery makes I.D. Jewelers a perfect asset to add to anyone’s jewelry collection.  Don’t forget to pass by when you are on 47th street diamond district area.


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