Right Hand Rings

The Secret to Wearing Right Hand Rings

While engagement rings have their stories revolving around the left-hand, right-hand rings have a different story to tell each time. Rings are worn on the right hand signify a higher degree of independence and symbolism for the woman, while left-hand rings symbolize marriage, engagement, and love very distinctly. Undoubtedly, right-hand rings are the way to go for all the single women out there.
Rings specifically made to be worn on the right hand have seen drastic evolution over the past decades. Cocktail rings being the most popular of them all has seen an unconditional love and growing demand since the 1920’s, and today, they still stand to be one of the favorites of all women around the world.
Right-hand rings are just not about cocktail rings, but also portraying a freedom of self-expression by wearing fashion rings. However, fashions rings have become more popular in the recent times now than ever before and are rapidly trending in the market for being one of the most sought-after and popular rings worn during various different occasions and suited to different moods every time.
To show off the intricate designs of cocktail rings and fashion rings alike on your right hand, the following are some tips that can help you find a suitable right-hand ring. From cocktail rings, birthstones to fashion rings, you can get the best and an easy pick for yourself and at the same time make sure that whatever you are wearing lives up to the expectations, style and symbolism of what right-hand rings actually represent.


Wearing a birthstone on the right hand strongly portrays the independent nature of the woman and shows how proud and happy she is about just being herself. Birthstones can be one of the best right-hand settings that can easily be featured and styled by surrounding the gemstone with diamonds or white sapphires around the edge.

A Cocktail Setting:

Cocktail rings are more stylized during conversations and other usual situations. They are comparatively less expensive than diamonds, gemstones, or fashion rings. Also, these are popularly preferred because these rings are trendy, attractive and visually very appealing and pleasing to the eye.

Right Hand Rings- Fashion Rings


Women love wearing diamonds, be it on the left or the right hand. However, when it comes to the right-hand setting with diamonds, women usually prefer them during occasions, achievements and other celebrations that can actually make the diamond ring is worn on the right hand more prominent, unique and important. The diamonds can be set in a unique setting by surrounding the stone with other different gems, thus making it very different from the look and feel of that of an engagement ring.

Fashion rings:

Now fashion rings are very interesting as it is used by women to celebrate their singleness, happiness and independence in a more fashioned and designed manner. When it comes to fashion rings, there are no rules or regulations whatsoever, and that is what makes them so popular and desirable for innumerable women.
It is the time that you find ways to break out from wearing rings only on your left hand. There is a lot to explore when it comes to beautiful and intricately designed right-hand rings. Also, such rings are a symbolic accessory, which makes it all the more special for each and every woman wearing them.

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