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Is There Really Something Such As Anniversary Ring Etiquette?

Anniversary rings have become one of the most sought-after and pleasant gifts for your loved partners. There is nothing probably that could make him or her feel more special on the most important day of your lives. This is where anniversary ring etiquette come into the picture, playing a very vital role on the most memorable day of your lives.
While most would think that yes, there are certain anniversary ring etiquette that one needs to stick and abide by so that they can actually make the whole idea of gifting diamond anniversary rings and eternity bands a lovelier and heart-warming experience. However, there is no hard and fast rule that could actually define proper anniversary ring etiquette, and therefore, there is very less that you need to worry about when you are going to gift your partner that special diamond anniversary band and ring the next time.

When You Can Gift Diamond Anniversary Rings

Again, there is no particular timing or a situation when gifting diamond anniversary rings or eternity bands would be ideal. However, in some specific situations, diamond anniversary band and rings are more popular than ever. For example, gifting one during a 10, 20 or 25-year-old anniversary would mean quite a lot for your partner. And apart from such eventful situations, you can also gift an eternity band to your partner showing unconditional love, commitment and loyalty toward them.


Anniversary Ring Etiquete

Stone and Setting in Anniversary Rings or Bands

This boldly represents yours and your partner’s personal preferences. Again, there is no set rule as to what would be the ideal anniversary ring etiquette when it comes to the make, style, and stone setting of the band. Traditionally, diamond anniversary rings studded with a diamond solitaire have seen a complete transformation to more modern and artistic anniversary rings and eternity bands. To signify eternity to its truest form, eternity bands are set with colorful gems and other precious stones to form a continuous loop of eternal love. You can also opt for a very popular anniversary ring style that has three studded stones representing the past, present and future, showing ever-growing and eternal love.

How to Wear an Anniversary Ring or Band

You can prefer wearing an anniversary ring and band in whichever and however way you feel like and are comfortable with. Popularly, there are three ways that are most preferred. One way to wear anniversary rings is to wear it along with the wedding or engagement ring. Another way is to replace the engagement ring with your anniversary ring or band. Another way you can switch wearing these with your mood is to wear the anniversary ring on your right hand while leaving or wedding band or engagement ring on the left hand, just so that you can get the best of both worlds.

The World of Stone Guidelines

Now there is a proper anniversary ring stone guide that you can refer to the next time you are on the lookout to gift the special ring to that special someone in your life. Modern tradition says to gift an onyx for the 10 anniversary, ideally. From here, the 15th anniversary goes with crystal; the 20th anniversary would call for a platinum eternity band, while the 30th anniversary can witness the uniqueness of diamond anniversary bands and rings.
Although there are no written-on-stone anniversary ring etiquette that one needs to follow while wearing, choosing or giving diamond anniversary rings or eternity bands. Anniversary rings and wedding bands are something that entirely depends on an individual’s preferences and personal choices. So make sure the next time you are out to pick an anniversary ring for your partner, don’t forget to ask him or her first for what they would like and what would make them feel special on an extraordinary day.

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