Gifts for My Valentine

Gifts for My Valentine

Gifts for my valentine are always a dilemma for me. Being the wife of a guy who has everything a man could dream of – an amazing wife like myself, I am always stuck for Valentine’s Gift Ideas. For my husband on the other hand, it’s so easy. Hmm, let me see…Jewelry!

Jewelry is the best gift to give. It’s little, cute, and sparkly. What else can you ask for?

Personally I’m a huge fan of Rose gold. It has that perfect hue of pretty in pink.
Yes flowers and chocolates are the norm, but that’s just it…they’re the norm.

Do you want to be the norm?

I highly doubt that.

So here’s what to do.

Get the flowers and chocolate for sure. With out them it’s like Christmas without eggnog or Esther without the eggs. Flowers and candy are a must as gifts for my valentine. And just when your valentine thinks the festivities are over lay it on’em…the jewelry that is – don’t be perverted. Save that for later.
For the couple that’s just getting their feet wet I’d recommend a simple pendant
Rose Gold Pendants for Valentine's Gift Ideas

Rose Gold Pendants


For those couples that have been together for a little longer I think a pair of Rose Gold Earrings would work perfectly.
Rose Gold Earrings for Valentine's Gift Ideas

Rose Gold Earrings

And then, there are those couples that aren’t ready to pull the trigger. They know that they are perfect for each other, but the timing isn’t right. The perfect Valentine’s Gift Ideas is  A Rose Gold Promise Ring is the perfect way to show your Valentine that they mean the world to you and that you look forward to spending A LOT more time together.
Promise Rings In Rose Gold for Valentine's Gift Ideas

Promise Rings In Rose Gold

And, of course for those couples that know they can’t spend another moment apart my valentine’s gift idea would be to recommend biting the bullet and getting engaged with a Rose Gold Engagement Ring. You can’t go Wrong with so many options.
Rose Gold Engagement Ring for Valentine's Gift Ideas

Rose Gold Engagement Ring

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