Solitaire Engagement Ring

The Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring

The Solitaire Engagement Ring has been, is, and will always will be a Classic. Other styles raise and fall in popularity but this popular diamond ring will always keep its place as a favorite for those who love simplicity. Many women just want to have a nice diamond, and they don’t care about wearing a ring with side stones. Solitaire diamond engagement rings are simple and elegant because it is just the one center diamond transmittable all the attention.

Another important fact is that the solitaire engagement ring looks great in all diamond sizes. That is an attribute that only classic rings offer.
Choosing the stone for your solitaire engagement ring is also important. The most popular shape is the round brilliant cut diamond, but there are many other shapes that also look good. Another important thing is the size and budget you have for the ring. In addition, the metal that you will choose for the setting is important as well for when you buy the ring. The most classic is the white gold or platinum, and even the rose gold is trending now.

Here are some examples of different Solitaire Engagement Rings:

The Classic Solitaire Round Diamond Ring Prong Setting White Gold


Solitaire engagement ring


Solitaire Oval Cut Diamond 4 Prongs Setting in Yellow Gold

solitaire engagement ring oval cut


Solitaire Engagement Rings have been very popular in the 20th Century. This is why we can find a huge variety of Vintage Solitaire Engagement Rings in the market. These rings are greatly appreciated because they carry an old time extra value. Nowadays you can find many solitaire diamond rings that have the mix classic and modern style. One example of it is:

The Solitaire Round Diamond Ring Prong Setting in Rose Gold

solitaire engagement ring rose gold

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