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perfect engagement ring

Which one is the perfect engagement ring for her, and how to buy the right one?

Not always the diamond engagement ring is the prefect ring for her, here’s why:

Every woman is different. Some women dream with the classic solitaire diamond ring  in platinum setting while others want the round diamond solitaire engagement ring in white gold. Then we have other women that are trendy and they desire to have a cushion halo engagement ring in rose gold.  

cushion halo engagement ring in rose gold.

Sometimes preference depends on age, background, and income. Some women over 35 prefer white gold settings and the classic round or oval diamond. Other women under 30 will choose something more fashionable like a such as: sapphire or ruby engagement rings while others can choose the classic diamond but in a rose gold setting. American women will definitely pick between white gold and rose gold while Latin women will prefer yellow gold setting engagement rings.
Size and price depends on income. Many men finance the engagement ring to please their love ones with their dream ring. An average price for an engagement ring will be about $7000 and up. Many men get diamond engagement rings above this price such as: $15.000 and up using financing, others with higher income can pay for more expensive engagement rings. The Size, color and clarity of the main stone will definitely be associated to the price.


diamond and gemstones


Anyway, you can always buy a nice delicate engagement ring for a price you can afford, and a few years later you can update it with a bigger size stone. This is a very common practice among marriages here in the USA.
The most important thing is to choose something nice. It represents your good taste and that the engagement ring shows commitment and love between both of you.
Before you go engagement ring shopping, you can ask a few questions to your fiancé such as: Do you have a favorite stone or diamonds are your favorites? Do you prefer white, rose or yellow gold? Do you like the classic solitaire or cushion? Are heart, oval or pear cuts more appealing to you? If you don’t want to ask any question because you want to surprise her with the proposal, just observe her taste. Is she a trendy and fashionable woman? Then, you can go for cushion halo diamond ring in rose gold. Is she a classic woman with simple taste? Then the classic solitaire featuring a round cut diamond in white gold is perfect for her, or the marquise diamond in platinum. Is she all about Jet set and follower of famous actresses? Then a non-classic diamond engagement ring is the one that will fit her perfectly like a ruby with diamond in white gold or a sapphire engagement ring. Just make sure you get informed about diamonds, gemstones and metals when you start the adventure of shopping for an engagement ring. There is a lot of information available on the internet to read and learn. You can visit our jewelry education page to learn about it. Then you will know what you are paying for.


marquise diamond engagement ring


“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

-Dr. Seuss

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