July Birthstone

July Birthstone: Ruby

The month of July has arrived, and it’s time to make your birthday month a luckier and a better one with Ruby gemstones. This July birthstone has an incredible value in the market today, and they do not have a precise, universal grading scale. However, Ruby jewelers still can identify the quality of Rubies based on certain characteristics. A good quality Ruby gemstone makes up for all the qualities and positive energy that make it an ideal birthstone for July.
There are a lot of things to keep in mind and follow while buying Ruby precious stones. Either you can buy them as a separate gemstone, or Ruby jewelry pieces like a pendant or a ring. Having a basic idea on how to judge the quality of Ruby gemstones can help you purchase the best quality Rubies in the market.

July Birthstone Jewelry

Tips to evaluate the quality of Ruby gemstones

Selection of a Carat – Because Ruby gemstones are weighed on the basis of carats, you need to first set a budget limit or just a plain carat preference that you wish. In general terms, a larger sized Ruby would be more expensive based on its comparatively larger weight (carats).
Select a Cut– For Ruby jewelries, it is important for the gemstone to be of a specific cut and shape. This ranges from oval, rounded, cushion-shaped, marquise to round shapes. Also, different shapes are valued at different prices. For example, heart or emerald-shaped rubies could be cheaper as they are common and much lower in demand.
Select a Color– Now this mostly rests on personal tastes and preferences. Most high-quality Ruby gemstones are orange-red, rose and pink in colors.
Judge the Extinctions– Extinctions in a Ruby precious stone are the little grey and black patches inside. At times, even after thorough polishing, such patches get left out inside the stones. The more patches the stone has, the lower is the Ruby’s value. You can look at these patches by holding the Ruby gemstone in bright light.
Check Color Saturation – This is to determine that the Ruby jewelry that you wish to purchase is made of pure color or has the right color intensity. High-quality Rubies have the richest color and therefore, are highest in value, as compared to the stones that are a little browner or greyer in shade.
Check the Tone– The amount of color present inside the stones clearly marks the essence of high standard Rubies. Medium tone Rubies, specifically, is the most valuable because of their demand. However, selecting the right tone purely lies on personal preferences.
Check for Clarity– Clarity is one thing worth assessing for any precious stone in general. The presence of small amounts of minerals can greatly affect the clarity and lead to undervalued Ruby precious stones. When you purchase such gemstones, ensure that you check for the clarity first to ensure that you are buying the finest quality July birthstone.
Check for Ruby Treatments– As it goes without saying, Ruby gemstones that are untreated and natural fetch the highest prices in the market. Untreated Rubies are rare and expensive as compared to the stones that are treated to intensify the appearance and color.
The above basic points are just about enough to make the right decision when it comes to buying high-quality Rubies. Even if you plan to purchase Ruby jewelries, ensure that the quality and clarity of the stone is reassuring enough. Make the best of this July birthstone by following certain tips that can help you assess and judge the appearance and vividness even as a layman, and purchase good quality Ruby precious stones at the best prices in the market.

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