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8 Ways To Wear Your Wedding Band (With Or Without Your Engagement Ring)

8 Ways To Wear Your Wedding Band (with or without your engagement ring)

8 Ways To Wear Your Wedding Band (with or without your engagement ring). You can get married in a bathing suit and flip flops, but if you forget your wedding rings…you’re toast.

You need to have wedding bands at the ceremony to symbolize the solid bond you’re about to enter into. Without the rings, it’s almost just like a dry run or rehearsal. It’s the exchanging of rings that makes the bond all that more real. There are so many different styles and options. So here are 8 Ways To Wear Your Wedding Band (with or without your engagement ring). Here’s a detailed breakdown of styles and how they can be worn.


  1. The Classic Wedding Band

    Classic Wedding Bands

    Classic Wedding Bands

The Classic Wedding Band is your simple run of the mill plain smooth or riveted ring. The solid look of these bands are very symbolic of the solid bond within a marriage. Men and women normally get them matching in metal type and color, but they’d vary them in widths. Mens wedding rings are normally broader while the womens wedding ring is thinner and sleeker to the finger. They can be worn in Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Titanium, Silver, and even Tungsten.  These rings are classic to the Eastern European community and are steadily creeping their head back into the Western mainstream wedding scene. That’s why this 8 Ways To Wear Your Wedding Band crash course is perfect.


  1. Traditional Wedding Band

Traditional Wedding Bands are just as they sound. A wedding ring embellished with diamonds half to three quarters of the way down. A traditional wedding band can be worn alone or aligned to be worn with your engagement ring. A traditional band is usually assemble from a line of small diamonds usually set in a micro pave setting, common prong or shared prong setting, and on many occasions in channel settings.


  1. Eternity Wedding Band

    Eternity Wedding Ring

    Eternity Wedding Ring

An Eternity Wedding Band consists of diamonds set throughout the entire circumference of the ring. An eternity band allows you to wear your diamond wedding band without having to worry about aligning it correctly with your engagement ring. A diamond eternity band is meant to have diamonds all around. Eternity bands can be created with any size diamonds. You can have them with small delicate diamonds or larger more esteemed diamonds. For the later you would normally wear the eternity band on its own, so as not to detract from the beauty of the large diamonds.  If not for this 8 Ways To Wear Your Wedding Band most people wouldn’t know that.


  1. Matching His & Hers Wedding Bands

In many cultures it is an accepted practice to have Matching His & Hers Wedding Bands. You can accomplish the matched look with either classic solid wedding bands or even traditional diamond wedding bands. We have been witness to some men objecting to diamonds in their wedding bands so they opt to have the rings match in material. In the 8 Ways To Wear Your Wedding Band basically what that means is that she gets her bling in whatever metal she likes, like rose gold or yellow gold, and he gets his classic band in the matching metal color…everybody’s happy.


  1. Bridal Set (Matching Engagement Ring & Wedding Band Set)

    Bridal Set

    Bridal Set

Many Brides-to-be like to have their wedding band be the exact match to their engagement rings. So if you were proposed to with a micro pave platinum engagement ring then you’d want your wedding band to set the same way and in the same metal. In this scenario you want the width and height of both rings to match as well.  It’s customary, for this look, to buy both rings at the same time, so as not to have to go crazy to build the exact match right before the wedding. This option is called a Bridal Set (Matching Engagement Ring & Wedding Band Set)


  1. Stackable Wedding Bands


Everyone knows Stackable Wedding Bands are absolutely the most fun. There is no science to this style. You were what works…and as many as you can fit on your finger. Honestly, you start off with one (original wedding ring) and slowly (or not so slowly) add on additional rings as time build. Personally this is a favorite for me, just wish my finger agreed. My finger can hold only so much. Wish I had longer fingers. I’ll stop rambling now and get back on point. What’s great about this look is that you can assign a meaning to each ring you add. Similar to Tiffany & Co idea of celebration rings. Stackable bands don’t have to be just diamonds. You can have them in all metal types and with all precious stones like rubies, sapphires, and even emeralds.


  1. Religious Bands

Now we’ve arrived to Religious Bands. Honestly speaking, wedding bands as whole are somewhat of a religious symbol. Biblical, it’s been customary to get married with a ring from the time of Isaac and Rebecca. Didn’t really mater the material as long as it was of a certain value. And this holds true in all countries, worldwide. The Irish have the Claddagh, the Indians…24Kt Gold, Jews traditionally wear a solid band with no stones or etchings. The list is endless. Regardless of the religion or culture wedding bands are always exchanged.


  1. Matching Partners Bands (LGBT)

    Partner Wedding Bands

    Partner Wedding Bands

It seems cliché to mention Matching Partners Bands (LGBT) right after religious bands, but I think the placement is perfect.  From a religious stand point, same sex marriages were taboo and frowned upon historically.  But today as further acceptance and comprehension has come to the forefront of society, we have had the amazing opportunity to meet some of the most amazing LGBT couples. Their stories are unique and romantic and the wedding band search should be just as such. From our many experiences guys like to always have the exact same thing. Don’t know if it’s an equality thing, or if it’s that they are just so much on the same wave length that they simply just like the same things. Either way we make it happen. On the other hand ladies, from our experience, could have been further from the guys. They both have completely different preferences and for different reasons. One may like a solid classic band and her partner a full on bling bomb. Then there are lose couples that both like dainty and delicate, but one veers to the delicate micro pave diamond wedding band and her partner picks a delicate floral leafy looking diamond band. It’s a good thing we’ve got it all.

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