Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings. ..The history behind the tradition

Engagement rings has an interesting story behind the tradition. Finding the one you want to spend forever with is a life’s goal. Once you find that person you want to make sure nothing will take them away. Of course nothing in life is guaranteed, but we must always do everything in our power to ensure that the ones we love are always close.

The first way to do this is to declare your love. And the best way to do that is with a big fat juicy diamond. Lol.

All jokes aside and it’s been known since biblical times that something of value is given as a promise of everlasting love. Almost like a negotiation, wear the ring is the handshake that closes the deal.

It’s never been carved in stone what an engagement ring is supposed to be, but tradition does dictate what is excepted.

I remember stories from years ago where women were given a simple silver band as a trinket of an everlasting devotion.

Today, we’ve seen engagement rings fall into categories such as…

Sapphire engagement rings.

sapphire ring

Emerald rings.

emerald engagement rings

Diamond  rings.

diamond engagement rings

Ruby engagement rings.

ruby ring

And even rings with semi precious stones.

semi precious stone engagement rings

What we know engagement rings to be like is to have one central stone being the most prominent.

But there are also some places in the world that would take a band of diamonds to be the equivalent of an engagement ring as well… Just as long as the meaning behind it stays the same… The promise of a future together.

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