Diamond Shapes

Diamond Shapes Guide for Beginners

Diamond shapes can create the illusion of bigger size or make it sparkle more. When it comes to diamonds, women dream about big stones. Fancy shapes look bigger than others, such as oval or marquise shapes.

In this chapter we will go over diamond shapes and we will discover which ones are the favorite picks for engagement rings.

Before we go over each shape, I need to clarify that the shape is not the same as cut. Shape refers to the diamond’s physical appearance and cut refers to the ability to reflect light. The shape doesn’t belong to the 4C’s diamond’s attributes (cut, carat, color and clarity). Moreover, diamond shapes should be considered at the time of purchasing a diamond as a timeless gift.
I have created an educational infographic that covers everything about diamond shapes and feel free to share it. It will help everyone get familiar with diamonds before buying them.


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Now let’s go over the relevant information:


It is also called brilliant. This is the most popular shape to pick a diamond for an engagement ring. It represents about 75% of diamonds sold. Round cut shape is sophisticated because it reflects the light better than other diamonds. A round diamond is a classic pick.


This diamond is very popular. Actually, it is the second choice to pick a diamond for an engagement ring. Princess diamond possesses a square shaped.  This shape looks very elegant and it fits perfectly to women with long fingers.


This unique cut is so beautiful because of the cuts of its pavilion. This diamond cut shows large open surfaces on the contrary of the round cut that shows sparkling light. The emerald cut produces a mirror effect.


This cut is very similar to the emerald cut. That’s why many people refer to it as “the square emerald cut” This diamond cut has a square cut with cropped corners. It was created by the Asscher Brothers of Holland in 1902.


This diamond cut allows the gem to look longer. This fancy diamond cut has a boat shape and it is a classic pick for engagement rings.


This gorgeous diamond cut is a variation of the round brilliant cut. Oval diamonds give the illusion of longer length. It is perfect for women with small hands.


This cut has the brilliant of the classic round cut and the style of the rectangular or square cut. It looks similar to the emerald cut but also has the spark of the brilliant cut.


This fancy diamond shape is a mix of the round and marquise cut. This kind of diamond is great for women with short fingers.


This diamond shape is definitely a symbol of eternal love. Heart diamond is very popular for pendants.


This cut resembles the antique style. It combines the princess and round cut. It is a rectangle or square with rounded corners. It is just a stunning and elegant diamond shape that is perfect for classic and elegant women.
I love this article because it provides interesting information about diamond shapes. I have a cushion diamond shape engagement ring, but after writing this article I feel I want an oval or marquise diamond. As a woman of course, I will go for the diamond shapes that provide a bigger carat look.






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