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Question Your Diamond Experts and Buy The Perfect Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are same and yet still different. They are known for their uniqueness and complexity, and that is what makes them look so beautiful and magnificent. Not all diamonds are equal, they differ in properties, sizes and structures, and thus in their value. Some diamonds are valuable and rare, the qualities of which only specialized diamond experts can understand thoroughly.
Diamond quality is one thing that most diamond experts look for while trading in these precious and valuable stones. However, some amount of knowledge is required while assessing diamond quality in its simplest and rarest forms. Diamond education is one thing that not just experts but also individuals try to understand so that it becomes easier for them to judge the quality of a particular diamond the next time they purchase one.
Studying about diamonds is a very long and detailing process, and it is not possible for a layman to gain an in-depth knowledge on how to identify and judge the quality of a diamond, except for diamond experts. However, judging diamond quality is not impossible. Diamond professionals have a systematic way of assessing and analyzing the properties and features of diamonds, through which they can exactly judge the value and price of the stone.

So what is a good diamond?

  • Rarity is one big factor that can set a good diamond apart from the others.
  • The 4C’s – Clarity, Cut, Color and Carat combined make up for a good diamond.
  • The diamonds that lack such prominent features are the ones that are of a tad inferior quality, and good diamonds are of extremely superior quality.

Diamond Experts Advice

What to look for in a diamond?

Color – Diamonds are available in different colors, and therefore this feature really affects their value and price in the market. Even if two diamonds are exactly the same in cut, carat and clarity, the difference in their color can create a huge difference in their values. Colorless diamonds are very rare, due to which they are the most valuable and priced.
Clarity – Internal features such as inclusions and blemishes comprise the clarity characteristics of a diamond. Such internal components are the reason why diamonds are polished and refined before they are sold in the market. Blemishes are the scratches and nicks that appear on the surface of the stone, while inclusions are little minerals stuck inside the diamond itself, which effectively gets removed or balanced out while polishing. Also, on the basis of clarity, you can easily distinguish a real diamond from an imitation jewelry. In short, a genuine diamond based on its clarity is flawless.
Cut – For an intriguing face-up appearance, the cut is another important diamond quality that evidently shows the skill and effort put in crafting the perfect diamond. Ideally, a perfectly cut diamond is the one that interacts freely with light from all corners and angles, and gives out a dazzling and impressive effect.
Carat Weight – Diamonds are not priced and valued based on their sizes. They are done so based on the carat weight. A bigger diamond might still be of a lesser carat weight that a diamond that is comparatively smaller in size. So the next time you have two diamonds placed in front of you, don’t be fooled by just the appearance of this magnificent stone.
Diamond education is a vast and structured subject that has taken ages for diamond experts to study, analyze and implement the same into their understanding of a perfect diamond. For those that are not experts in the same can always keep the 4C’s in mind and raise questions about the same the next time they decide on purchasing one from a dealer. To ensure that you are choosing a flawless, unblemished, clearly-cut and reflective diamond, ask your dealer as many questions as you can as it will help you make an ideal choice that is within your budget.

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