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Custom Jewelry NYC

Custom Jewelry NYC- The Right Place To Customize Your Engagement Ring

Women have a lot of expectations from their engagement ring. There would hardly be a woman who hasn’t thought a thousand times about how her engagement ring would look. Of course, there would be many available designs if you visit a reputed jewelry shop, but customized engagement rings hold a greater appeal. Not only such a ring is unique, but it also reflects your sentiments and you can get all what you want at a custom jewelry NYC shop.

Here is a simple guide to get a unique engagement ring for your girlfriend:

  • Engagement rings are usually a surprise, so you cannot get her help to customize a ring. You have to be a keen observer of the kind of jewelry your girlfriend wears. Does she wear gold always or she shows her preference for silver or platinum? Is she a woman who loves elegant understated pieces or big and glitzy ones? Also, her personality should help you to get the custom made jewelry


  • Your next step would be to choose the right metal for the band. When planning for custom engagement rings, you can allow your imagination to play. Rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, platinum and silver are some common choices. If you desire, you can go for a mix of different metals. Remember, the look of the ring will appeal to your girl more than its durability, so select the metal accordingly.
  • The focal point of the engagement ring is the diamond. Keep in mind the 4 Cs- cut, color clarity and carat weight, to buy a quality diamond from custom jewelry NYC. Here is why you should pay attention:

Custom made Engagement Ring

  • For a diamond that exudes fiery brilliance you have to look for perfect cut. This factor gives the diamond is sparkle and lustre.
    • If your girl is a woman of traditions settle for colorless diamonds, but if she has flare for colors, go for colored diamonds.
    • A diamond with less imperfections or inclusions will be most beautiful and expensive. Avoid the ones with mineral inclusions around the center or on the top.
    • Carat weight would mean the heaviness of the diamond, but experienced New York Jewelers can give the diamond you choose the desired look with proper shaping and mounting.
So, if you are a man who has little or no experience in buying jewelry, you will really need to do some knowing about how to make your selection. Visit an NYC Jewelry to get the engagement ring you so desire for your lady love.
You can be sure of arriving at the perfect design with an equally perfect diamond or diamonds with the help and guidance of custom jewelry NYC


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