October Birthstones: Tourmaline and Opal

birthstones for the month of October

Tourmaline Represents Strength and Opal Hope…what better month to be born in.

October Birthstones are: Tourmaline and Opal.

These Birthstones are fine gemstones that represent the 10th month of the secular year. Each of these stones have their historical meaning. To associate a stone with a birth month comes from the ancient times. Back in the ancient times people believed in gemstone powers such as: empowering, healing, blessing, and the like. It is important to say that back in the old times that the stones associated with every month were not exactly the same as now. The old civilization focused more in the colors of the gemstones. For instance, they didn’t perceive the difference between a citrine and a yellow topaz. Today, we know and we recognize the different kinds of gemstones. We use the birthstone list of the American Gem Society.

In the American Gem Society’s Birthstone list the October Birthstones are:

Tourmaline and Opal. Some months have only one birthstone such as September’s Birthstone is Sapphire while other months have two or more birthstones.

Tourmaline is found in an extensive variety of colors and tones.

Tourmaline October’s birthstone is one of the favorites for jewelers and designers because it can please almost anyone’s taste and request. Tourmaline also displays two or more colors. This feature makes it very interesting and unique. Tourmaline is found in places like: Brazil Africa, USA, etc.

Opal is also October’s birthstone.

Oval Ring

Oval shaped Opal stone set with yellow and chocolate colored diamonds

It is a gorgeous stone that is found in a vast colors ranging from milky white to black mixed with yellow, red, green, etc. These curios flash of color that reflects opal makes it a very beautiful natural stone.  Opal is hydrated silica with a light or dark playground that shows iridescent colors such as orange, yellow, blue, etc. Its Mosh Hardens is 5 to 6.5. About 90% of Opal comes from Australia and the other 10% comes from places such as: Ethiopia, ISA, South America, etc.
Both October’s birthstones are beautiful and they have their own unique attributes. Tourmaline can reflects two or more colors while Opal offers flashes of different colors on the face of a gemstone that comes in light to dark tones. It is a great idea to combine both gemstones in a custom made piece of jewelry for a unique gift for someone that is born in October.

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